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Ceremony Painting 

This is a single, special artwork, created just for you and captured live on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be the ceremony- you can ask me to paint whatever would be the most meaningful for the two of you.

I love spending a full day on this single painting, and having your guests watch throughout the day as it comes together and unifies into a beautiful expression of this joyful day.


Some time before the wedding day, we will meet to discuss your vision so I will be sure to meet it.  We will plan the location and scene you would like painted. You will be sent a small mockup in ink, showing what you can expect from the final painting and allowing you to approve the final design. This process allows for you to get the most out of your painting- once the wedding day arrives, all of my time can be spent painting, rather than planning and preparing.


On your big day, when the guests arrive there will already be a work in progress of the painting of your wedding, because I will arrive several hours early, to get set up and begin painting. I want to take as much time as I can toward making the depiction everything you want.



So, for the most beautiful portrayal of you and your day possible,  I may also unobtrusively sketch and take reference shots here and there throughout the day



The  next day, I will finish the painting with the finishing touches and details from my studio, and it will be ready for you soon after!


From $850


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