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  • What Exactly Is "Live Wedding Illustration"?
    I come to your event and I paint it, there, live, as it is happening. I will have finished pieces for you and/or your guests at the end of the event. It's an awesome way to truly capture the energy and feel of your wedding in a way other mediums can't.
  • What Do you Offer?
    I am always willing to talk with you and figure out how to best meet your needs. In general, I offer four packages: Guest Portraits I paint the guests of your even live and they get to keep the paintings when I am done. Capture My Day Panel-style pages with multiple paintings per-page that capture various moments throughout the event. Complete Package This has both guest paintings and the panel-style pages. It also includes a standalone painting of anything you'd like- the ceremony, the cake cutting, the speeches, the venue, the vows, etc. This standalone painting can be completed on the day, or I can take it back to my studio and finish it with more detail and polish. Ceremony Painting I I spend the full day on this one painting- usually the ceremony, but whatever you'd like. I set up, and guests can come watch and talk with me. It's yours to keep at the end of the night. this painting is larger and more detailed than the one included in the Complete Package.
  • What Do you Charge?
    My rates depend on the package you select. It also depends to some extent upon the length of the event and how long You want me there. Around the Utah area, some weddings are traditional, full day events, while others are much shorter, with the main ceremony taking place privately inside an LDS Temple where painting would be inappropriate. So as we communicate back and forth, we can figure out the best package for your event, and how to modify it to fit your exact wants- it's YOUR day, after all! In general, prices for packages range from $400-$1000. I have a pricing Information sheet ready to send your way, too, just tell me your email address. But again, I want to make this work for you, so let's talk!
  • Do you provide any other services?
    A: Wow! What an astute and well-posed question. I DO offer additional services! I provide additional services for those interested in: -Guestbook thumbprint trees (or balloons, or anything!) -Thank-you letters -Chalkboard text and illustration -Welcome sign -Live custom glass etching (or it can be done prior to the event) -Placeholder/Name cards If you are interested in any of these, please contact me for a quote.





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