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Capturing Priceless Moments & Memories

Create memories for you and your guests.

& Memories

Create memories for you and your guests.



Utah Wedding Artist

Live portrait painting gives your guests an experience. They get a live, professional painting of themselves done, and every time they look at it at home, they will be reminded of the special day you shared with them.

"Leave your guests with a one-of-a-kind souvenir of your unforgettable day -and an opportunity to watch an artist at work, up-close! As a live wedding illustrator and portrait artist, I will provide truly unique wedding entertainment."

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Guest Portraits

from $450  (prices subject to change)

2 hours: $450 | 3 hours: $600 | 4 hours: $750 | 5+ hours: $950

"Custom watercolor portraits of your guests, painted in real time! 

Your guests can sit and pose at my easel while I paint them live, in about 6-10 minutes. This works best for smaller, more intimate weddings. Alternatively, I can take photos of your guests earlier on at the reception, and then paint the portraits from these references live as people wander by and casually watch. The individual portraits will be ready to give to their respective subjects either throughout the night or if you prefer, all at the end, set up as a lovely little gallery where your guests can collect their personal paintings. It is sure to be the (entertainment) highlight of your wedding. "

Capture My Day

$650  (prices subject to change)

Capture your day as it unfolds with live illustrations of everything from the bridal preparation to the first dance; speeches to cake cutting.

I combine watercolor and ink to capture fleeting moments quickly and beautifully, showcasing the atmosphere and spirit of your wedding.

This is done in a collage/panel style to give a complete picture of all the various, wonderful aspects of your day in a single painting.

Complete Package

$950-$1100 * (prices subject to change)

•1 full size live painting of the couple and setting 

This could be the ceremony, or anything else.  (*Option to finish it at my studio for full detail and polish.)

• 2 hours of Guest Portraits (depending on other options chosen- will be agreed upon) 


• 1 smaller painting featuring your florals, the cake, the dress, or anything else you'd like to remember


• 1/2 panel page live "illustrations of your day"

Ceremony Painting

from $850  (prices subject to change)

This is a single, special artwork, created just for you and captured live on your wedding day. It doesn’t have to be the ceremony- you can ask me to paint whatever would be the most meaningful for the two of you.

I love spending a full day on this single painting, and having your guests watch throughout the day as it comes together and unifies into a beautiful expression of this joyful day, ready for you to frame and cherish forever."

I arrive early to set up and start the painting. I usually spend most of the wedding painting the setting and becoming familiar with the subjects. Then, when the moment arrives, I will paint it live. after which I will fine-tune and polish the painting, sometimes using reference photos I take of the ceremony if it is appropriate. 

The finished painting is presented to the couple at the end of the evening to take home!

*Option for me to finish the painting at my studio for full detail and polish. This costs extra

"Art is a way to redirect our attention to what's most important, and what deserves to be cherished."


Kevin Zych

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